It has been said and is in fact so “TRUE” that it sometimes takes years to gain a client, but the client can be “LOST” in seconds. Clients are NOT always right ALL the time, but they are “KING” and need Royal Treatment.

This is where we at My Waste excels having learnt the worth of customers over the years, has been a school of great learning. It is said “A Happy Wife is a Happy Life” so to satisfying a client can be and often is the beginning of a long-term friendship.

The My Waste team will walk a mile or two with you understanding your needs and surpassing your expectations with Quality Service. The team is driven by Going Green with a clean environment.


Sales - 25 years
New Product Design - 25 years
Installations/Site-work - 20 years
International Services - 15 years


How we work

  • Contact us with your requirements.
  • We’ll discuss your best option.
  • Formal quotes to follow.
  • Order will be processed after deposit payment.
  • Products will be manufactured and shipped.

Quality Products

We pride ourselves on our products, it’s the driving force of our company. We pledge to only give you the best products possible!

Fast Delivery

We understand that our customers want their products as ASAP. Thus we do our best to get the products to where they need to be AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Top Customer Service

In a world where face to face communication is not as important as it use to be, we try our best to work with our customers to know exactly what they want and to deliver on that promise.